Don't Get Fooled by Fake Pali Hawaii Jandals

Pali Hawaii® revolutionized the sandal industry in 1983 with the introduction of the Original Jandals®. This comfortable and stylish footwear was an instant hit in Hawaii and quickly gained popularity worldwide. However, with its growing success came the rise of counterfeit Jandals® that flooded the market. These fake sandals not only had poor quality and color, but also lacked the comfort that made the Original Jandals® so popular.

To ensure that customers get the real deal, Pali Hawaii® has taken steps to educate and protect them from these counterfeit products. The company has dedicated warehouses in Taiwan and experienced professionals who pride themselves on quality. They also recommend that customers only purchase Pali Hawaii® sandals from authorized retailers to guarantee authenticity and quality.

Whether you're looking for the classic Jesus Sandals or other Pali Hawaii® styles, make sure to choose a trusted and authorized retailer. Don't be fooled by copycats, get the genuine comfort and quality of the Original Jandals®. Mahalo and aloha!


Alohaz is an authorized retailer of Pali Hawaii.

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