About Us


Join our ohana, where we bring the vibrant spirit of Hawaii to life through our wide range of Hawaiian clothing. Our journey began in the late 1980s, showcasing our clothing at Hawaii's craft fairs. Now, we offer hundreds of tropical styles in a variety of fabrics and prints, always on the lookout for unique designs that bring out the best in you.

Our collection features coconut-button Hawaiian aloha shirts and floral dresses, perfect for any occasion - a beach BBQ, a romantic night, or a special wedding. And in response to the pandemic, we now offer tropical face masks made locally in Hawaii. They're comfortable, breathable, and add a splash of color to your outfit while supporting our local community.

At the heart of our mission is the spirit of Aloha, spreading joy and warmth through our colorful clothing. We're proud to support local businesses and artisans by sourcing and manufacturing locally. Thank you for choosing us to bring a touch of Hawaii to your everyday life. Let's continue to share the Aloha spirit together!