Pali Hawaii Jandals / JESUS SANDALS

Welcome to the home of the real deal - the OG Pali Hawaii Jandals! You're in luck because we've got them, and we've got them in all their glory. Made famous by their unmatched comfort and flexibility, these two-strap classic sandals are a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their footwear game.

Our Pali Hawaii Jesus Sandals are unisex, meaning they're perfect for everyone from your little ones to your grandparents. Not only are they super comfy, but they're also completely waterproof. While we can't promise you'll walk on water, we can guarantee you'll feel like you're floating on clouds with each step.

Choose from an array of fun styles, available for men, women, and kids in a playful rainbow of colors. Look for the authentic Pali Hawaii turtle 🐢 logo to ensure you're getting the real deal. Get ready to rock your new favorite sandals all day, every day!

Did you know?
Hawaiian + Jesus Sandals = Jandals by Pali Hawaii

Looking for genuine Pali Hawaii sandals? Alohaz is an authorized retailer of Pali Hawaii sandals since 1999.