unisex pali hawaii sandals

Pali Hawaii sandals are the perfect footwear for anyone looking to embrace the island lifestyle. College students, beach lovers, and free-spirited individuals of all kinds can enjoy these water-friendly sandals that are designed to be worn by both men and women.

Featuring one-piece molded construction and cushioned footbeds, Pali Hawaii's Jandals offer unbeatable comfort and support. The comfortable upper straps keep your foot in place, while the vegan materials used in the sandals make them a cruelty-free fashion choice.

Proudly based in Honolulu, Pali Hawaii draws inspiration from the rich culture and natural beauty of the islands. Slip on a pair of these sandals and feel the laid-back, island vibes for yourself.

Offering genuine OG Pali Hawaii Sandals, Alohaz is an authorized retailer of Pali Hawaii since 1999.