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Re-imagining Hawaiian prints from our archives is like breathing new life onto an island favorite. This Orchid Shadow fabric is full of pure aloha, bringing native orchid flora to your day in a breezy, comfortable Hawaiian aloha shirt.

Purposely sewn with the print inside, this unique aloha shirt style is known as the Reverse Print Hawaiian Shirt. Shirts like these are commonly seen worn in the business district of Honolulu and are very popular with the Kama'aina or 'local residents' of Hawaii. Coconut buttons, high button collar with pocket neatly sewn to match background are just a few polish features of this shirt.


  • Spread collar
  • Short sleeves
  • Front button closure
  • Allover floral print
  • Fabric printed on the reverse side for a vintage look.
  • Real coconut buttons
  • Sewn with matching chest pocket
  • Straight hems
  • Size: S - XL
  • Cotton Poplin
  • Made in Hawaii, USA

Size Chart • Men's Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

SIZE  WIDTH (inches) LENGTH from shoulders (inches) SHOULDERS (inches)
XS 36 - 38" 26 - 26.5" 16.5"
S 38 - 42" 26.5 - 27" 17"
M 42 - 44" 30.5 - 31" 19"
L 44 - 48" 31.5 - 32" 20"
XL 48 - 52" 32.5 - 33" 22"
2XL 52 - 54" 32.5 - 33" 23.5"
3XL 54 - 56" 33.5 - 34" 24"
4XL 56 - 60" 34.5 - 35" 24.5"
hawaiian aloha shirts - reverse style

Aloha Twist: Reversing Hawaiian Shirts

The practice of intentionally reversing fabric in Hawaiian shirt-making became popular in the mid-20th century, around the 1940s and 1950s. This technique added an innovative and eye-catching element to the traditional Aloha shirt design, contributing to its enduring appeal and unique aesthetic.

hawaiian aloha shirts - real coconut buttons

Real Coconut Buttons

Add a touch of island authenticity to your wardrobe with real coconut buttons on Alohaz Hawaiian Aloha Shirts. Crafted sustainably, these buttons reflect the natural beauty of Hawaii, elevating your style with a hint of tropical charm.

hawaiian aloha shirts - matching pocket seams

Quality Defined

Discover quality craftsmanship in Alohaz Hawaiian Aloha Shirts, where precision meets perfection. Our shirts feature meticulously matched seams and pocket edge designs, showcasing our commitment to unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

Locals Wear Aloha Shirts Too 🤙🤙

Aloha e nā hoa! 🌺 🤙

Are you ready to dive into something as stunning and spirited as a sunset over Waikiki? Let's talk about the iconic Hawaiian shirt, or as we locals call it, the Aloha shirt. This isn't just fashion; it's a celebration of our rich, multicultural heritage wrapped in the spirit of Aloha!

Do Locals Really Wear Aloha Shirts?
Absolutely! It's not merely for the visitors, or malihini, but a true staple for us locals, or kama'aina. From Aloha Friday to family ('ohana) gatherings like graduations, weddings & funerals too. You'll see them in the boardroom, you'll see them at parties. Aloha shirts color our daily lives and our special moments, everyone owns at least a few Hawaiian shirts in their closet.

Celebrating Aloha Friday
Aloha Friday is a cherished tradition here, signaling the end of the workweek with a flair of festive spirit and relaxed dress codes. Originating in the 1960s, this practice invites us all to wear our Aloha shirts to work, setting the stage to slide into the weekend with some island-style relaxation. It's a nod to our unique culture, emphasizing a healthy work-life balance and a communal sense of enjoyment.

Understanding the Aloha Spirit
At its core, the Aloha Spirit defines our way of life in Hawaii. It’s a philosophy rooted in warmth, friendliness, and genuine respect. Aloha is more than a greeting—it's a way of interacting that fosters a community built on compassion and mutual respect. This spirit is integral to how we live, interact, and govern, promoting harmony and affection in all our relationships. You see it with a shaka 🤙 friends greet one another with.. or the intricate leis we share with each other.

Aloha Shirts as Embodiments of the Aloha Spirit
Our Aloha shirts go beyond mere tropical attire; they are lively manifestations of the Aloha Spirit. Each shirt, with its vivid colors and intricate patterns, showcases elements of Hawaii's stunning natural environment and rich cultural tapestry. Wearing an Aloha shirt is a statement of style and an embrace of the islands’ welcoming and generous nature. These Hawaiian shirts aren't just clothing; they're a symbol of pride and a means of conveying the Aloha Spirit, connecting us to the islands and each other.

What Exactly is an Aloha Shirt?
Picture this: vibrant designs featuring nani (beautiful) tropical motifs like hibiscus flowers, palm trees, honu (turtles) and ocean waves, all crafted from fabrics that speak to our Hawaii's breezy lifestyle. That’s the essence of an Aloha shirt.

The Rich Tapestry Behind Aloha Shirts
Emerging from the rich cultural melting pot of our islands, Aloha shirts were first tailored by local artisans. Their history stretches back to the early 20th century, influenced initially by the striking fabrics of Japanese kimonos. By the 1930s, Ellery Chun, a merchant from Waikiki, popularized these shirts under the name "Aloha shirt," capturing the hearts of locals and tourists alike with their bold, tropical prints. They have roots even deeper in Hawaiian history, evolving from the palaka shirts worn by plantation workers, durable garments suited to the demanding labor of the pineapple and sugarcane fields.

Aloha Wear’s Rise to Stardom
The allure of Aloha shirts spread worldwide thanks to icons like Elvis Presley, who wore them in 'Blue Hawaii'. His portrayal introduced these shirts as symbols of Hawaiian leisure and appeal. Legends like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles also adopted this laid-back style, enhancing its image and embedding it deeply within the relaxed, joyful ethos of Hawaii.

Choosing Authentic Aloha Shirts: Supporting Local Hawaiian Artisans
When you pick out an Aloha shirt, it’s about much more than selecting a piece of clothing. It’s an opportunity to support local Hawaiian artisans and businesses. Buying authentic, locally made Aloha shirts helps sustain the traditional craftsmanship and ensures that the economic benefits stay within the local communities. These shirts aren’t just designed to capture the essence of the islands; they're crafted with care, reflecting the spirit and skills of the people who make them.

Local Aloha shirts often use high-quality, sustainably sourced materials and involve local artisans in their creation, which supports the local economy and promotes environmentally responsible practices. By choosing these authentic garments, you're not only getting a true piece of Hawaiian culture but also contributing to the preservation of Hawaii's unique heritage and the livelihood of its artisans.

So, when you're looking to bring a piece of Hawaii home with you, or even while visiting the islands, remember to seek out Aloha shirts that are genuinely made in Hawaii. This choice helps ensure that you're embracing and perpetuating the true Aloha Spirit in the most supportive way possible—by giving back to the local community that keeps Hawaii’s traditions vibrant and alive.

With every Aloha shirt purchase, you're not just buying a shirt; you're investing in Hawaii’s cultural legacy and helping to weave the fabric of Hawaiian life into the future. It's a wonderful way to bring a piece of your Hawaiian experience back home, carrying with it the warmth and joy of the islands, and the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the local economy.

So, when you’re packing for your next Hawaiian adventure, be sure to include a couple of Hawaiian Aloha shirts. Not just to blend in, but to deeply connect with and celebrate the Aloha Spirit with every step you take on our Hawaiian islands. Mahalo for letting us share this slice of our culture with you! Remember, an Aloha shirt is more than a piece of fabric—it's a vibrant piece of Hawaii itself. Wear it proudly and live Aloha every day! 🌴💕