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Pali Hawaii's crazy popular Jandals® are now available for kids too! Same comfy, cushy goodness for those tiny little feet. You can get them in pink, navy blue, brown, sky blue & black too. Oh, they're gonna look so cute with these Jesus sandals on 😎. Perfect mommy & me plus daddy & me matchy Jandals! 

  • Water-friendly
  • Animal-friendly = Vegan
  • Flexible footbed
  • Children
  • Size: 1 - 4
  • Pali Hawaii Collection
  • Designed in Hawaii

~ For a good fit, verify tiny feet with size chart 😊

Size Chart • KIDS Pali Hawaii Classic Jesus Sandals

Pali Hawaii Size
Length in Inches
The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Step into the laid-back vibes of Pali Hawaii, the original purveyor of island comfort since 1983. Born from the breathtaking landscapes and easygoing spirit of Hawaii, Pali Hawaii brings you footwear that's as authentic as a beachside breeze. Famous for quality and unparalleled comfort, they've been the trendsetters, popularizing the iconic Jandal or Jesus sandals that capture the essence of Hawaiian beach living. Inspired by the vibrant colors and natural wonders of Hawaii, each pair of Pali Hawaii sandals is a testament to commitment to style, quality, and the Aloha spirit. So, why settle for a knockoff when you can step into the real deal? With Pali Hawaii, every step is a celebration of island life!