Pali Hawaii® first started introducing the Original Jandals® in 1983, there was nothing like it in Hawaii or anywhere else. 

Over the years, high demand and popularity of these super comfy Hawaiian Jesus Sandals led to a crazy production of eerily similar counterfeit sandals. Most the quality and color so bad, it wasn't surprising when we heard from our customers how uncomfortable these knock-offs are.

Thanks to our loyal customers, they've sent some copycats to our offices in Hawaii. To prevent you from falling victim to these knock-offs, familiarize yourself between the genuine Jandals® versus the fake lookalikes.

Pali Hawaii® have dedicated warehouses in Taiwan & experienced professionals who prides themselves on quality. 

So if you're looking to treat yourself to some comfy Classic Jesus Sandals, make sure the retailer is authorized by Pali Hawaii.


Alohaz is an authorized retailer of Pali Hawaii.

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